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Custom marine, commercial & residential stainless steel fabrication

Image showing the Stainless Works team, standing in front of their building in Pine Harbour Marina, Beachlands.

Since its inception in 2004, Stainless Works Ltd has gone from strength to strength, gaining a reputation for premium quality craftmanship in stainless steel fabrication.

Stainless Works is based in Pine Harbour Marina in Beachlands, Auckland and is an owner operator business, with Managing Director Boyd Carruthers at the helm of a highly qualified team of skilled tradesmen and apprentice fitter welders.

The continued growth and success of Stainless Works is due to our team’s extensive experience, reliability and continued commitment to customer service and quality products. Our customers consist of government departments, boat owners, Architects, developers, construction companies, schools, builders, project managers, renovators, home owners and interior designers.

At Stainless Works we fabricate our own unique range of bespoke stainless steel products including handrails; Nautic, Coast and Harbourside style balustrades; gates; fences; marine and architectural stainless steel work. We offer custom-built handrail and balustrade solutions for residential and commercial projects.

Stainless work also caters to the marine industry, offering custom made bow rails, rocket launchers, dingy cradles, ladders, bait boards and soft top frames.

Boyd is a qualified tradesman, serving his time in the food and beverage industry. He is currently on the board of the New Zealand Stainless Steel Development Association (NZSSDA).


There is no doubt that stainless steels are one of the most sustainable of materials available today.

They are manufactured with high recycled content (above 80% in many cases), have low GHG emissions and routinely offer the lowest life-cycle costs of any available materials we have at our disposal. Stainless steels, when correctly specified, will provide service lives of greater than 100 years with minimal or zero maintenance.

They have amazing hygienic properties, supreme corrosion resistance which when combined with their strength characteristics provide an opportunity for significant material light-weighting which few other materials can match. They are also incredibly simple to recycle at their end-of-life and do not carry the need for extensive processing to make them ‘recycling ready’.

Our industry is also at the forefront of shifting to the adoption of low Carbon or Carbon-free manufacturing technologies and several developments are now underway. The production of stainless steels can be aligned to the use of electricity produced from renewable sources and therefore the industry sits at the forefront of the important and needed shift to de-Carbonize our planet. Furthermore the industry continues to develop innovative approaches to both reducing production waste materials and re-using those waste materials either within the production of stainless steels or within other Carbon intensive sectors including safe road manufacturing and building materials.

Stainless steels purvey all aspects of our life today, whether it be in healthcare, food and beverage, domestic settings, in building and construction, in mobility, in communications and in aerospace. Stainless steels can be used, recycled and reused over and over again with no loss of material integrity. They are one of the material families that truly contributes heavily to the circular economy and our world deserves to continue to be sustainable and stainless.

Stainless Works is a member of the NZSSDA, and Boyd is currently on the executive board.

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