Custom made in our workshop

stainless steel handrails

Handrails are a necessary requirement, under D1 Access Routes in the NZ Building Code, so you might as well have them be stylish as well as functional.

Whether it be a new build or an existing upgrade or renovation, stainless steel handrails are a practical and contemporary option. We design, manufacture and install high quality bespoke stainless steel handrails for domestic, commercial and architectural applications.

Stainless steel handrails perform in the harshest of environments whilst adding a modern and contemporary edge. The main advantage of our custom-made handrails over modular products is in their durability and customized style.

Handrails can be free-standing, wall-mounted, continuous or incorporated into your balustrade.

There are two design options available, round or rectangular profiles. Finishes can be polished or brushed stainless steel. Powder coating is also a popular option.

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